The Rules

Here’s the deal:

  • I make one recipe a week.
  • I post the ‘keeper’ recipes on this blog.  (Additional clarification here.)
  • I add any commentary that came to me as I was making the recipe.
  • I add a picture of the finished recipe. (That’s a helpful and nice thing to do).
  • I make no guarantees as to the results of the recipes I try.  This is all one big experiment; I simply approach each recipe with earnest effort, then report the results.

Generally speaking, the recipes posted here will most likely be vegetarian, healthy, and on the “simple” side.

But I leave myself open to mixing this up as the situation (or my mood) calls for.

3 Responses to The Rules

  1. Yay for vegetarian recipes that are actually practical! Those are way too hard to find.


    • Stef says:

      Thanks for swinging by, and for subscribing! I’m flattered and honored – truly.

      Some of the recipes have been less than stellar (the Mexican Muffins were pretty tragic), but some have been surprisingly good! (February was quite a decent month…) It can be difficult to find/create fast/easy/vegetarian meals; but I’m confident if I keep at it, I’ll have more ‘successes’ than ‘failures’. And I’ll have fun either way. ;) Thanks again!


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