New Year, New Rules

Today is the beginning of a new year – and a natural time to ask questions about what to start, what to maintain, and what to end.  I accomplished my goal in 2011 of making and writing about a new recipe each week – and I had a lot of fun in the process.  But I also expended a lot of energy in this blog – and I’m not sure that I received as much in return as I gave away.  So, for 2012, I definitely want to continue making a new recipe every week – but I think the blogging side of things needs to change.  Specifically, I think I’m only going to post the recipes that I feel are true keepers – the recipes that I want to have a record of so that I can make them again in the future if the desire strikes.  What this means is that I may not post every week in 2012; and that’s okay.

When I do post, I’ll continue to share nutritional information for the recipe, a picture of the final product, any tips or suggestions I might have based on what I did/observed when making the dish, and my informal ratings scale assessments.  But I don’t think I’ll publish extensive picture step-by-steps, and I probably won’t write a story recap at the end of every post.  I’m going to continue the cooking, but dial back the writing; I think this is the balance that will work for me in the coming year.

After a few weeks/months, if I find that the balance is off, I will re-visit the plan, and make any necessary adjustments.  Things can always change…. :)


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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